The system we have set up is combined full of information the creator of Underdog Marketing (Alishia Adams) along with her leadership team, has put together from years of coaching and courses they personally have paid into.


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Behavior Life Coach

Recieved from Ms.Monat at Crossroads Coaching for when Alishia began the journey to further coaching her team in Underdog. She got the certificate so she could professionally benefit them in all their goals and achieve profitable incomes faster.

Usui Reiki Master

Recieved from Natural Healer Academy from Melissa Crowhurst for completion of Level 1,2 and Master course of Reiki healing. This was decided to do so Alishia could better grasp the energies in her business and self that would have been stopping her financial growth. She brings this to the table with Underdog so they can better tune themselves and keep those chakras open to better grow themselves and their businesses.

Mastering Business Model

Recieved from Strategyzer Academy for Business Model growth. This certificate was given by Danial Madams. The certification was chosen so that upon the decision Alishia wanted to be a business owner she wanted to bring not just an understanding in business but an in depth understanding of multiple platform knowledge to help grow local, online, and out of country businesses to all degrees

Master Class Management

Received by The president of Master Class Management William L. Evans. Keri-Anne Received a Master Certificate in Business Management for Management Skills and Leadership development along with a reference letter outlining the course material she learned to help anyone around her that wanted to better their business/teams with Management and Leadership Development for success.

Life Coach Training

Received by Life Coach Training Institute founder Paul Dabadoub. Keri-Anne wanted to further enhance her leadership and coaching skills to help everyone around her achieve success in their life and received the distinction of Certified Life Coach and is registered with the International Association of Certified Coaches.

Transformation Life Coaching

Received by Transformation Academy President Natalie Rivera. Keri-Anne received the Certified Transformation Life Coaching Certificate for continued studies above and beyond her life coach certificate to enhance her skills one step further in her Life Coaching Career for advanced life coach training in transformation, transitions and change to better serve her clients and those around her. This was a CPD standards accredited course that awarded her 15 hours in continued studies.

Modern Applied Psychology

Received by The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology director of training Kain Ramsay. Keri-Anne wanted to learn the principals and practices of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She successfully completed 30 hours of an online NLP Practitioner course from beginner to advanced on Udemy.

Certificate Of Completion

Received by Udemy instructor Ryan Stone. Keri-Anne received a certificate of completion of an online course to become a Video Production and Video Marketing Master. She wanted to be able to help others utilize their online businesses with engaging video production content and is knowledgable in video production and video marketing on multiple social media platforms, video cameras, editing programs, audio and so much more.

Certification Reference Letter

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