The system we have set up is combined full of information the creator of Underdog Marketing (Alishia Adams) along with her leadership team, has put together from years of coaching and courses they personally have paid into.

Our Courses

With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we are one of the most trusted construction companies

How to TRIPLE your monthly income using your MIND

“Learn how to become a master manifester in your financial, personal, and career based self.”

Go from making penny’s to $300-$1,000+ commission PER SALE

“Here we drop the biggest commission based business that had Underdog Marketing’s leadership all quit their jobs and free thousands of others.”

Secret Sauce to Success

“The key foundations that had Alishia (CEO of Underdog Marketing) go from broke to multiple business owner that 99% of todays marketers DO NOT KNOW!”

From Scrolling to Sales

“Learn the advanced knowledge of Facebook ads and targeting to never again bug friends and family, yet make consistent sales.”

LinkedIn for the LOW INCOME

“To those that invested all they have into their product or service, we have a training specific to using LinkedIn so you can make sales with ZERO paid ads. Learn all these advanced tools and marketing tricks here!”

From Hashtags to Hope

“How to grow your Instagram following using paid and unpaid ads, learn what hashtags will expand your product or service, and how hashtags can bring in customers ready to BUY.”

Skyrocket Your Success

“This section is available to those that take HUGE action and join all in with Underdog and Enagic! The value is so beyond in this section because your have access to weekly meetings with high figure earners, a budget system created by a multi millionaire that skyrocketed her success, a FREE copy of the book ‘Procrastination Elimination by Alishia Adams,’ 1 on 1 coaching, and a coaching PROGRAM to teach you to be a certified life/business coach.”

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